The Corona Crucible – Thurs 3rd December

World 64.8 million    Bangladesh 460K+    Pakistan 400K+

A new agency is being established to manage hotel quarantine in Victoria.  International flights resume on Monday. The program will be overseen by the Police Minister. Police and ADF personnel will manage the system. Those in quarantine will not be allowed to leave their rooms. After the debacle and suffering that we endured over winter in our second wave, I really hope they will manage the program properly this time.

All internal state borders except Western Australia are now open, so people are madly booking holidays. This will help reboot local businesses and economies that rely on tourism. Western Australia will open its border on Tuesday.

Apparently around five million Australians travelled overseas annually pre-COVID. A good percentage of these people will likely holiday in Australia for the foreseeable future, which will make a big difference to struggling local communities and businesses here at home.

The economic recovery has already begun. Figures from the Bureau of Statistics show that the Australian economy grew in the September quarter, even with Melbourne in lockdown. Unemployment is still high. Job growth will take longer to bounce back.