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Welcome to Celestial Insight

 ‘The purpose of living is to discover the purpose of living.’  R.C. Davison.Michele Finey 2015

My free monthly astrology newsletter INsight has been in production for more than 14 years. Please subscribe if you want to receive INsight via email once a month. You will find recent editions here.

Each year I produce a comprehensive Australian Astrology Calendar suitable for both beginners and professional astrologers. It’s available in both print and download versions.

I began teaching myself astrology in 1980. I have a passion for research and over the years I’ve written for numerous journals and magazines, online and in print. My books include Secrets of the Zodiac and The Sacred Dance of Venus and Mars.

My latest book, released in early 2022 is The Test of Time, (Exploring Stationary Planets).



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