The Corona Crucible – Tues 29th December

World 81.6 million    Brazil 7.5 million      France 2.5 million

Writing this blog each day has been a good discipline that I hope to transfer to other writing projects, if and when I decide what to write next year. I have a couple of books that are half written. Unlike my writing friends, I don’t write fiction, only astrological articles and books but I also have a half-finished memoir that I started writing 12 years ago.

At this stage the only commitments I have made for 2021 are entering an art prize, an astrology presentation in April and my annual calendar. I will continue to produce my monthly INsight bulletin which will now by entering its 15th year.  This blog has been a good daily exercise, so maybe I will blog about something else next year? I am not totally sure at this stage and not feeling very inspired, but I will see what the New Year brings.

Three new cases were recorded in NSW to 8pm last night. A couple of additional cases were diagnosed after 8pm including one in Wollongong.

Victoria has now had 60 days without any community transmission.