The Corona Crucible – Wed 30th December

World 82.3 million                Netherlands 770K+  Chile 600K+

Well into 2021 COVID-19 will continue to transform our world and way of life. Government policies, social systems, our health, our personal lives, relationships, finances, jobs, sport and travel, there is no aspect of life that has not been touched.

We now work from home. We travel less. We spend less. We earn less. We have lost loved ones and family to the virus and we have lost friends because of their political views, or their theories. Some of us have moved to the country. The poor have become poorer. The wealthy are poorer too. Values have changed. Our goals have changed and some of them have been abandoned. As 2020 comes to an end we are seeing things differently.

There were 18 new cases in Sydney in the past 24 hours, including a new cluster in the inner west. The numbers could explode if they don’t do more to contain the spread. The only way to do this is to lockdown hard and early, but NSW authorities are tinkering. Despite the increase in case numbers the cricket is going ahead in Sydney. There is a limit of five visitors per household for New Year’s Eve. Not tough enough, Gladys.