The Corona Crucible – Mon 28th December

World 81.1 million                US 19.5 million         South Africa 1 million

A number of people in hotel quarantine in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide have contracted the highly infectious mutant strain of COVID-19. In Sydney five mystery cases have authorities and the public worried that they will not be able to control this outbreak. There are now over 100 cases linked to the Northern Beaches cluster. Still they are thinking of going ahead with New Year celebrations. The fireworks were cancelled here months ago, why are they still going ahead in Sydney when they have community transmission and mystery cases? There were another five cases recorded today in Sydney.

Meanwhile, South Africa is the 18th country to record one million cases. The mutant strain has been found there too as well as in the UK and a number of European countries. The Pfizer vaccine is being distributed across Europe. I know the situation is more desperate there than here, but I am glad we are waiting for more data about the vaccine rather than rushing to vaccinate. It’s meant to be rolled out in March after final approval.