The Corona Crucible – Thurs 26th November

World 60.7 million                USA 13 million        Moldova 100K+         Slovakia 100K+

A student in Adelaide has tested positive and an investigation is underway. The school has been closed for cleaning and 1,000 students are now in isolation. Hopefully, this will not be the start of another cluster.

Here in Victoria we’ve had our 27th day without any new cases of COVID. Thousands of people are still being tested each day. Life is returning to a version of normal. Not so in many other parts of the world. Moldova and Slovakia take the number of countries with over 100,000 cases of COVID to 65.

It’s a horror story in the US. They have now recorded 13 million cases.

I saw a disturbing report from a woman whose sister, aged 47, died from a heart attack because there was no space for her to be admitted to hospital for treatment. This is not an isolated case.

In Wisconsin the hospital system is under ‘unsustainable strain’. In Texas, the National Guard has been enlisted to help manage the huge number of deaths from COVID. The Thanksgiving holiday will no doubt increase the number of infections. Many public health officials are asking Americans to limit their travel over the holidays, but there are no strict border closures like we have seen here. Airports are crowded and millions more Americans are travelling by car to visit family and friends this weekend.

Grumpy has still not conceded defeat in the US election, but has initiated the transition process, probably because it had started already without him giving the nod. Around 200,000 new cases of COVID are being recorded every day.