The Corona Crucible – Wed 25th November

World 60 million                   Poland 900K+                        South Africa 770K+

This week the State Government released a big spend budget in order to repair the damage done by the COVID lockdown. Applauded by the vast majority, it aims to get more Victorians into work and fix some of our long standing social problems. Infrastructure, Education and Health were some of the main areas of focus.

Of course the state opposition leader was critical, but no one is really listening to him. His popularity is around 15 per cent, and to be honest I had to look up his name, which is Michael O’Brien, in case anyone is remotely interested. More interesting, are the anagrams for his name which include; Boiler Machine, Bohemian Relic and my personal favourite, Inhale Microbe.

Daniel Andrews’ popularity has gone down from a high in April this year of 75 per cent to 52 per cent, but that was at the end of October, when we were not yet out of lockdown and well before this budget was announced.

Premier Dan is purring like a cat, but after what he has been through this year and his exceptional leadership throughout this crisis, he can purr as loud as he likes as far as I am concerned.

Victoria had our 26th day of no new cases. Queensland is opening its border to Victorians on 1 December.

Analysis has confirmed that two returned travellers in South Australia caught COVID-19 in a medi-hotel and did not pick up the virus while overseas. These two take the number of cases in the Parafield SA cluster to 29. There were no further cases recorded there in the past 24 hours.