The Corona Crucible – Fri 27th November

World 61.3 million    Germany 1 million   Czechia 500K+

Victoria has officially eliminated coronavirus!! We have had 28 days without a single case. How remarkable! Only two other locations in the world have recovered from such a big coronavirus wave.

On the 5th of August we peaked at 725 daily cases and there were almost as many people in hospital. In early August we had 7,880 active cases in our state, today there are none.

Mistakes were made, as they always are when attempting something never done before, but we corrected them. The experts laid out a recovery plan and we followed it.

Under the leadership of our Premier Daniel Andrews, our collective actions and adhering to the rules have paid off. All the hard work by so many health care workers and the personal sacrifices we have all made have made a huge difference.

All Victorians, but especially the five million people of Melbourne, this wonderful, most liveable city in the world, worked hard and worked together to get on top of this crisis.

There has been pain, grief, suffering and loss, but now the healing and recovery is underway. I feel so grateful and happy to be living here. What we have collectively achieved is truly remarkable.