The Corona Crucible – Wed 14th October

World 38.3 million    Spain 920K+  Colombia 920K+

The Chadstone outbreak has spread to Shepparton after the same truck driver who spread the virus to Kilmore admitted today he visited Shepparton. Just one person doing the wrong thing is all it takes.

But by and large we still have an opportunity with so few cases, to get ahead of this virus and have life return to some semblance of normal.

It’s hard to imagine how difficult it must be in Europe, the US, India and so many other places across the world. Here we are talking about a small number of people being infected when tens of thousands of people are getting sick every day and hundreds dying in many countries. Seemingly without much hope of things getting better, the toll on people’s mental health is probably far greater than we have experienced under these extended restrictions.

Sweden is the 44th country to record 100,000 cases of coronavirus. They have not had any kind of strict lockdown. This is a reminder that as hard as this lockdown in Melbourne has been, we are in a much better place now. Only a few more days to go.

Seven new cases were reported today, three of them in regional Victoria which will hopefully be brought under control swiftly. Melbourne’s 14 day average is now 9.6 and mystery case number is up, now 14.