The Corona Crucible – Sat 10th October

World 37 million       Philippines 330K+    Indonesia 330K+

This week, six countries, Panama, Oman, UAE, Nepal, Czechia and Poland have all joined the list of countries with over 100,000 COVID infections. That takes the total number to 43. Australia has 27,000 and is 78th on this list. It’s worth remembering that we are doing so much better than many places around the world.

While we are doing significantly better than other places in the world, it’s not good news in terms of where we are in comparison to the rest of Australia. There were 14 more cases recorded in Victoria overnight. Our 14 day average is 9.5 and mystery case number is now 10. Authorities say the mystery number is the key to easing restrictions, and with luck we will get that down to five by next weekend as more mystery cases recover and drop off the 14 day average.