The Corona Crucible – Sun 11th October

World 37.4 million                India 7 million          Italy 350K+               

We have a long list of things we need to buy at Bunnings and at Officeworks. I imagine we are not alone! It was too hard to order online as we need to get specific things that need to be looked at in detail and measured, plus not all items are available online. I want to get some tomato plants as I don’t have any volunteers this year. Neil wants to buy some cork board sheets for my art room and we need a new screen door for the bedroom. I want to get some art materials from Officeworks and a new 2021 diary. We also need some copy paper and printer ink for the printer. There will probably be a mad rush to both stores once restrictions are lifted. There will also be a rush on hairdressers once they reopen, but this morning I gave Neil a haircut. Not too much damage done.

Today there were another 12 cases in Victoria. Our 14 day average is 9.3 and the mystery number is still at 10.