The Corona Crucible – Sat 12th September

World 28.6 million    Peru 710K+    Chile 430K+

I did the grocery shopping the past two Saturdays. Neil did it today. We heard during the week that the new clean Woolworths Supermarket we used to go to before the 5k travel limit, has had a case of COVID-19. It was reported on the news about a week ago, but it was only on Thursday that the location was listed on the DHHS website. I know it’s tough to manage everything associated with this virus, but they really need to improve their communication. I know it takes time to talk to people and get the information about where they have been, but if the media know about it, the government website should have up to date information.

Contact tracing here in Victoria has been criticised, which is not the fault of the people doing the tracing, but there are issues with the health network and technology. A group from Victoria went to NSW this week to be briefed on how they are managing the tracing there. It’s been said that NSW has the best system in Australia.

Victoria recorded six COVID-19 fatalities overnight and 37 new cases. The 14 day average in Melbourne is now 61.6 and 4.3 in regional Victoria.