The Corona Crucible – Fri 11th September

World 28.3 million    India 4.5 million       Brazil 4.2 million

Before humans travelled into the unknown reaches of space we had to undertake years and years of research and planning. During the Second World War it took the best minds on the planet years to crack the Enigma code machine. In this pandemic we have had virtually no time at all to create systems for managing this crisis. Every day new problems have arisen that have required quick and decisive action.

Those who are criticising the response by the Victorian Government should think for a moment just how difficult it must be to manage this health crisis. When the foot has come off the brake in other countries too quickly, there has been a huge surge in case numbers. Second waves of infection are sweeping places like Israel, Spain, France and the UK, each with thousands of new cases every day. Many other places across the globe are in an even worse position. Egypt and Dominican Republic have now both recorded over 100,000 cases and India where there is an acute shortage of doctors, there are now almost 100,000 new coronavirus cases every single day.

Here in Melbourne, the vast majority of people are obeying our tough lockdown measures. Protest action is planned again this weekend, but the weather is going to be very wet and windy, so that will help keep people at home.

Overnight Victoria recorded 9 deaths and 43 new cases. Melbourne’s 14 day average is now 67.8