The Corona Crucible – Sun 13th September

World 28.9 million    Philippines 250K      Indonesia 210K+

Apparently we can no longer rely on the accuracy of weather forecasts. Commercial aircraft track and record information about the temperature and wind at high altitudes. With most of the world’s planes grounded, atmospheric conditions are not being reported and so forecasters have much less data on hand to produce their forecasts.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) got it right about yesterday though. It was very wet. The planned protest against the lockdown was a washout. The protest went ahead, but only a few dozen people attended.

I’m trying to visualise heavy rain to fall across the US west coast where horrific fires are burning out of control across several states. These fires are just like the catastrophic conditions we had here in Australia in January.

This year is taking a huge toll on all of us. Victoria’s coronavirus numbers are encouraging. 41 new cases with seven fatalities. Melbourne’s rolling average is now 56.9.