The Corona Crucible – Thurs 2nd July

World 10.8 million    South Africa 160K+ Colombia 100K+

Colombia is the 20th country to reach 100,000 coronavirus cases. Currently there are around 4,000 new cases being diagnosed there each day. In poor countries like Colombia, testing is much less widespread than here. Around 15,000 tests per million in Colombia, compared to almost 100,000 per million here in Australia. Testing here in Victoria has again been increased with more facilities being made available and people who live in the lockdown suburbs being urged to be tested even if they have no symptoms. Some selfish people are still refusing to be tested, even with health authorities going door-to-door.

Though very disruptive, the first day of local restrictions seems to have gone reasonably well. Some postcode boundaries run along main roads, so that one side of the road is open and the other side closed. Some dividing lines even run down side fences, between neighbours.

There were another 77 cases of COVID-19 diagnosed overnight here in Victoria. There are now 415 active cases, largely in Melbourne’s hotspots, but there is no guarantee that more suburbs won’t be locked down.