The Corona Crucible – Mon 1st June

World 6.2 million      Brazil 510K+             Russia 400K+

I decided not to play golf yesterday. My shoulder has been sore for about a week. I think I may have injured it getting my golf bag out of the car, but I’m not entirely sure how it happened. Since returning to golf, I’ve not been playing that well. In fact, my first game back was my best effort so far. Since then it’s been all downhill. Last Tuesday it was a foggy start for golf, but the weather cleared and it was a beautiful sunny day. Friday was sunny and warm too. It’s just so lovely to be out on the course, but I was sore when I finished so I decided not to play yesterday. I’ll see if I can arrange some treatment for my shoulder this week.

At 8am this morning I gave an online presentation about the Metonic cycle and Lunar Phase Returns. This was the only time of day that worked for international audiences. Trying to marry the diverse range of time zones around the globe can be awkward and Australia is often the odd one out, but I was happy with 8am, as it left the rest of the day free. The Metonic cycle is a 19 year long cycle and interestingly there were 19 participants. It will be available as a recording for anyone who missed it.