The Corona Crucible – Tues 2nd June

World 6.3 million      Chile 100K+  Peru 170K+

A further lifting of restrictions came into effect in our state yesterday. Restaurants, clubs, cafes and hotels can reopen with up to 20 patrons, but social distancing is still required. Venues must have four square metres for each person. Drinks can only be served with sit down meals with a maximum of six people at one table. Names and contact details must be provided in case contact tracing is required in the event of an outbreak.

Now up to 20 people can be in your home and overnight stays at tourist accommodation is permitted. We’re planning to visit Neil’s son and his wife in country Victoria as their two young boys will be having birthdays soon. We last saw them at Christmas. We’ve been doing zoom story time with the boys now and then. They’re growing up fast! Freddie will be turning four and his language and reading skills are exceptional for such a young age. Rupert will be turning two and looks set to follow suit.