The Corona Crucible – Fri 29th May

World 5.9 million      Brazil 430K+ Italy 230K+

Throughout the shutdown, certain stores and facilities have remained open, deemed as essential services. This included hairdressers. I still can’t get my hairy head around that one. Hairdressers themselves wanted to close and felt scared about being exposed to coronavirus. Beauty salons are only now starting to reopen, so why were hairdressers allowed to trade throughout the shutdown? I’m in desperate need of a haircut, but I’ve been putting it off as I feel a bit apprehensive. I’d love a massage too, but at this stage my regular massage therapist is not answering the phone, so I’m not sure if they are opening soon or if they are closed temporarily, or permanently. They had a number of Chinese massage therapists there, so if they were casuals, or international workers, they would not have been eligible for JobKeeper which is sad. There was one woman in particular who I used to see who was excellent. Now that I am back at golf, I could really do with a massage.

I had a phone call from my periodontist yesterday to confirm my regular six monthly appointment for a deep clean next week. I’m not sure if I should attend. Dentists were closed in April, except for emergencies, but have now reopened.