The Corona Crucible- Sat 30th May

World 6 million                     India   170K+             Iran 140K+    

The National Cabinet met yesterday and has agreed to dump COAG and replace it with the National Cabinet on a permanent basis. I’m not sure if this is just semantics, but hopefully there will be less finger pointing between the states and federal government going forward. The National Cabinet will continue to meet fortnightly for the time being while the pandemic is still unfolding, then meet once a month, rather than the twice a year COAG meetings.

Just a few days after schools reopened, a school in Melbourne’s north-west has closed after a student tested positive to coronavirus. A teacher at the same school has also been diagnosed, but apparently the two cases are not linked. There have been several cases in the Keilor area recently. According to Chief Health Office, Brett Sutton, these cases may be related to community transmission. The school, Keilor Downs College, is being cleaned and is likely to reopen again on Monday.

24 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in Australia yesterday. The total number of infections is now 7,173, with 488 active cases. 103 people have died.