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Odd Rant Lump has accused Twitter of interfering in the forthcoming US Presidential election and ‘completely stifling free speech’ after it flagged some of his tweets with ‘fact-check’ warnings. His tweet said that ‘mail in ballots’ will lead to corruption and fraud.

A spokesperson from Twitter said the tweets ‘contain potentially misleading information about voting processes.’

This comes after a widower asked Twitter to remove one of Rant Lump’s tweets that said the widower had murdered his wife. Twitter has not removed any of his tweets, but is now putting fact check warnings on Lump’s rants. Twitter confirmed this was the first time it had applied a fact-checking label to a tweet by the President. Rant Lump is now accusing Twitter of blocking free speech, threatening to shut it down, which he does not have the power to do.

The ‘fact check’ tag is part of the Twitter’s new ‘misleading information’ policy that was introduced this month to combat misinformation and conspiracies related to coronavirus. Twitter said at the time that it would extend the policy to cover misleading information on other posts and topics.