MH 370

Mystery continues to surround the disappearance of Malaysian airlines flight 370. Five days after the plane vanished, seemingly into thin air, a new theory has emerged. A possible fault in the skin of the Boeing 777 that disables the communication systems and can render the passengers and crew unconscious, is in keeping with the symbolism of Neptune.–vanished-in-thin-air-says-malaysia-20140313-hvifu.html

In the chart for the flight that departed KL on March 8 at 12.41am, Neptune is exactly on the IC. Of course this position recurs every day, yet everything about this mystery is so Neptunian.

Disappearance, confusion, unconsciousness, over the water, oil slicks that are not from the missing plane, stories of a pilot who liked to party, fraudulent passports, mobile phone calls unanswered.

Jupiter, the co-ruler of Pisces and the Sagittarian Ascendant in this chart, is a key planet associated with travel. Jupiter was virtually stationary and in a tight square to Uranus. These two sky gods have been implicated in aviation incidents.

In 1985 a spate of major aviation accidents took place. At the time Uranus and Jupiter were in mutual reception and in a tight sextile aspect. This was the topic of the very first mundane astrology article that I ever investigated.

In the chart for flight MH370  we see the Moon in Gemini having just set, tight on an angle like Neptune, and squaring it. Mercury, the Moon’s ruler, is squaring Saturn which is also stationary.

The host of planets that stationed in the first week of March is highly suggestive of uncertainty about direction, and in this case, with flight MH370 this has played out quite literally.

Could it be that this mysterious disappearance is never solved? Did crew and passengers drift into unconsciousness just as the signals from the aircraft also ceased to transmit its location? Has the plane continued to fly on autopilot until it ran out of fuel? In light of the Neptunian symbolism, this explanation seems more plausible than a mid-air explosion.



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