Dog Signs (Part B)


Your Libra pooch, male or female, may be vain about their appearance and particular about their surroundings. No rolling about in the mud after bath time here! Clean and neat and tidy is the Libran dog’s idea of perfection. This is a social dog that will seek out friends, canine, feline and human and bring them home to visit. Companionship is important to this dog. He could develop separation anxiety if left alone for extended periods while you are at work. Don’t give your Libra dog too many choices at meal time, he will get confused. This pup will enjoy praise and attention. Obedient, well behaved in social settings and beautiful as well, you might consider entering him in the local dog show; he’s a real contender for best in show. Make sure you brush and groom him regularly.  


This dog is intense and passionate and has certain likes and dislikes. He can become obsessed and possessive of his toys. He’ll bond with you for life and will have trouble adjusting if another human or pet enters the household. If he decides he does not like your cousin Emily, then better tell her not to visit. They can be destructive at times, but can also be high minded, kind and gentle. The Scorpio dog has a tendency to mount your leg, and the legs of other unsuspecting people and even inanimate objects like your sofa or your indoor plants which can be highly embarrassing. He might spend a great deal of time licking those unmentionable areas and have the undesirable habit of bum and crotch sniffing, which can be quite off-putting. A playmate of the opposite sex will help relieve sexual tension. Desexing your Scorpio dog will help too, but this could be quite a traumatic experience. Just when you can’t handle him anymore, he’ll cuddle up affectionately, just when you need it most.  


Sagittarian dogs are escape artists especially if they get bored. Staring at four fences all day, no matter how big the yard, will not in any way fulfil his need for excitement. The Sagittarian pooch loves nothing better than a trip in the C-A-R and will excel at ball sports and Frisbee. One Saggie dog belonging to a friend of mine escapes every morning, walks to the station, gets on the train and spends the day just seeing the sights of the suburbs. His owners get messages from all over the city to come and collect him. A sturdy dog tag with your contact details is therefore a must. Saggie mutts love adventure so take them on outings as often as possible. He’ll get covered in mud, then gleefully roll in a mix of sand and seaweed, topped off by a dash through bushy undergrowth full of burrs and bindies, then jump in your car and shake. What fun! He’ll make you laugh, but you’ll need lots of space and even more patience.  


Highly intelligent, these dogs have an air of authority about them. Thankfully the Capricorn dog also respects human authority and will obey commands without question. Rules and boundaries are essential to his wellbeing and make him feel secure. If he is not given rules he can develop phobias and be prone to worry. You will often find this dog at the highest available vantage point, surveying their territory. They excel at all kind of training, including agility. This dog knows right from wrong from an early age, so don’t go overboard with the discipline. The Capricorn dog makes a great guide dog or police dog and can also be found in other occupations where their training can be put to good use. They make great rescue dogs and enjoy visiting the elderly and people in need of pet therapy. 


Is it a dog? A human? Not quite sure? This dog may have odd or peculiar habits and mannerisms that will keep the family amused for hours. Don’t laugh too hard or he will develop a complex and sulk for days. This dog enjoys human and dog company, but also likes his own space. This is a highly intelligent dog, perhaps too smart for his own good. Just because he is clever, doesn’t mean he will obey you. He likes to chase birds, and even helicopters and can get into all sorts of mischief. He’s curious about everything, so if he disappears for days at a time, he could be stuck in a drain or in a downpipe. The Aquarian dog gets bored easily, so make sure you keep things interesting. An exotic animal friend of a different species will help relieve his monotony.


The Pisces pup is very playful and loves to chew your shoes and run off with your socks. Highly intuitive, this pooch has a sixth sense and will read your feelings and moods. He’ll even plant ideas in your head! Just when you’re thinking it’s time for a walk, he’ll get his lead and sit by the door waiting for you. Looking at you with those puppy dog eyes, before you know it you’ll say, ‘How about we go to the beach!’ which was his plan all along. Fun at the beach is of course followed by bath time. When you are feeling down, he will make you laugh by gleefully licking your toes. This dog can sometimes behave strangely and has been known to chase shadows, clouds and rainbows. This is a sensitive pup who does not like loud noises and will quiver and hide under the bed during thunderstorms. If you are looking for a guard dog, try another sign.