Venus and Mars

The Venus Mars Dance




In terms of our personal methods of evaluating, Mars measures success in terms of quantity; he thinks the biggest and fastest is the best. He is competitive he thinks that winning is everything. Venus however measures the value and worth of her experiences according to quality, and her innate personal standards. Mars is mostly focused on manifesting his own desires and short term gain, but Venus is patient and appreciates that beauty and worth is in the eye of the beholder.

Venus–Mars aspects are played out in our personal relationships and in many circumstances where we have differences in terms of our value judgements and desires. These powerful archetypes fuel our creativity and self-expression.

Because of their natural oppositeness and rhythm in the heavens, Venus and Mars seem to almost enjoy being at odds with one another. Their tense aspects can be highly creative and equally they can be destructive, and the tough angles in particular generate a vast amount of heat, energy and passion.

On average, Venus and Mars unite in the heavens once a year, but their cycle is not regular. It was this irregularity that intrigued me and led me to investigate the Venus-Mars Sacred Dance. Eventually I mapped over 1500 years of their cycle and it was only then that its true magic was revealed. Such is the complexity of their celestial dance that there is no apparent pattern until you take a closer look. Each and every conjunction of Venus and Mars is part of a 32 year cycle. There are about 25 of these cycles active at any given time. (see special book offer)

Venus and Mars have not renewed their cosmic vows since their last conjunction on 7 April 2013. This 23 month hiatus is the longest possible separation that the lovers ever experience. But in 2015 we’ll have three conjunctions!


Ven Cnj Mar 22 Feb 2015 01°Ar42′ D 01°Ar42′ D
Ven Cnj Mar 1 Sep 2015 14°Le55′ D 14°Le55′ D
Ven Cnj Mar 3 Nov 2015 24°Vi02′ D 24°Vi02′ D

Venus Mars conjunctions 2015


The last time there were three Venus-Mars conjunctions in just one calendar year was in 1985 when two cycles concluded. We also had three conjunctions in 1983 when two new cycles began.

I personally recall the intensity of these years, both in my life and also in a global sense. There was a euphoric feeling in the ether. A great deal of creative energy was unleashed. It was a time of endings and of new beginnings. There was drama, there was excitement. Relationships ended and new connections were forged.

It’s now 32 years since the two new 1983 Venus-Mars cycles were born. The September and November 2015 conjunctions are the second installments in these cycles.

2015 is likely to be a powerhouse year of changing allegiances, creative highs and passionate exchanges. It also seems set to be a year when many people will forge new love relationships, especially in the latter part of the year when these new cycles come into play as Venus and Mars will be in the morning skies once more.

If you have natal planets at 14 Leo or 24 Virgo these conjunctions in September and November will have a powerful effect in many areas of your life.

The February 22 2015 conjunction is part of a much older cycle that has been in play since the year 1118. While all Venus-Mars conjunctions bring opportunities for love, this one is part of a mature cycle and it’s therefore more likely to affect existing relationships in a positive way. It is however happening at the start of Aries, so it does have the potential to spark new love and encourage us to reach out to one another with honesty and openness.

Venus will be retrograde in the middle of this year, and it is this time of re-evaluation that drives the whole Venus-Mars Sacred Dance. The conjunction with Mars that falls on September 1, she is still engaged in that process.

After she turns direct on September 6, she’ll be truly ready to embrace Mars once more.