The Corona Crucible – Mon 21st December

World 77.1 million    Russia 2.8 million     Canada 500K+          

A Brisbane company has developed a swift COVID-19 test that can be used at home. It has been approved for use in the US. Test results can be delivered in just 20 minutes. The test is said to be 96 per cent accurate.

In Europe, a number of countries have banned people entering from the UK after a more deadly and highly infectious strain of the virus has emerged.

Today in NSW there were another 15 cases. All are linked to the Avalon area. Mask wearing has been strongly advised, but has not been mandated in Sydney.

Meanwhile above the Earth, there is a big stellar finale to the year and a hopeful sign of better times to come. Saturn and Jupiter meet in the sky tomorrow for their 20 year reunion. At the same time both planets are moving into the progressive sign of Aquarius. Of course not everyone will experience better times in 2021, but the vast majority of astrologers agree that momentum is shifting. Today is the December Solstice. The Sun moves into Capricorn at 9.02pm AEDT. As the Sun pauses in the sky at its most southerly declination, it’s a good time to reflect on our journey and consider future plans for the season ahead and beyond.