The Corona Crucible – Tues 8th September

World 27.4 million    Spain 520K+  UK 350K+

This pandemic is seeding a range of lasting social changes. People are moving out of cities and establishing themselves in regional areas. This decentralisation is being driven by several factors. One of course is the fewer cases of COVID-19 that are in regional areas. The other is the more affordable cost of living and housing. With people now able to work from home, home can be anywhere. Young people in particular are driving a real estate boom in regional areas across Australia.

From now on more people will be working from home on a permanent basis. Neil has only gone into the office once in the past few months and that was only because he had an issue with his laptop that needed to be fixed. Fortunately he still has plenty of work.

A recent report states that working from home has led to a 13 per cent increase in productivity partly because less time is spent travelling to and from work.

Some middle management staff may no longer have a role in the future, which could be a good thing for those employees who have been bullied by sociopathic micro managers.

Of course there are also wider benefits associated with working from home in terms of less transport congestion and lower carbon emissions, not to mention the flexibility that helps people establish a work-life balance. It’s been known for a long time that happy employees are more productive than stressed and unhappy employees, but it’s taken this pandemic to make this shift happen.

Today Victoria recorded 8 deaths and 55 new cases.

The 14 day average is now 89. Before restrictions are lifted on 28 September it needs to be between 30 and 50. Based on the current rate of decline, we are ahead of schedule.