The Corona Crucible – Wed 9th September

World 27.7 million    USA 6.5 million        Canada 130K+

You may recall in late July it was announced that coronavirus cases in the US were going to be reported via Washington rather than directly to international authorities from each state and that if the numbers dropped quickly we could logically assume that there had been political interference. Well since the end of July COVID-19 data from the US has indeed shown new case numbers in sharp decline.

A month ago the daily coronavirus numbers were in the order of 65,000 each day, but over the past month the daily number of new infections has fallen dramatically. Now the number of new cases being reported each day is around 25,000 and is continuing to fall. This is still a vast number of new infections on a daily basis, but this quick decrease in reported case numbers suggests that we cannot rely on the accuracy of the data, especially as the US is heading towards an election and we know the track record of the current US administration. Almost 200,000 people have died from the virus in the US.

Here in Victoria, Wednesday’s data has tended to be the highest each week, which is again the case, with 76 new infections reported today. The 14 day average in Victoria is now 84.