The Corona Crucible – Sat 25th July

World 15.9 million    Brazil 2.3 million      South Africa 420K+

My local golf course reopened on Thursday. It closed for two days earlier in the week when a member notified the club of his positive COVID-19 test. The decision by the club to close was a voluntary shutdown and not a requirement, as the person concerned had not played golf while sick. The club decided to err on the side of caution.

Like everyone in Melbourne, golfers are now wearing masks. I played yesterday. It got quite hot and sweaty wearing the mask for over three hours and it wasn’t a hot day. Everyone did the right thing and played wearing masks. We’re fortunate that we can still play. I hope we don’t have to wear them when summer comes around, it would be very uncomfortable, but it’s impossible to say how long this second wave will continue.

In the past 24 hours Victoria recorded another 357 cases of COVID-19 and there were another six fatalities.