The Corona Crucible – Sat 27th June

World 9.8 million      USA 2.5 million       

New York 400K+

California 200K+

New Jersey 175K+

Texas 140K+ 

Illinois 140K+          

Florida 120K+

Massachusetts 100K+

Things are going from bad to worse in Brazil and in the US. More than 40,000 new cases are being recorded every day in each country. Across the world the rate of COVID-19 infection is currently increasing by about one million every week and is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact it’s rapidly accelerating. Thousands of cases of COVID-19 are being confirmed daily in many US states. Yesterday, over 4,000 in California, 5,000 in Texas and around 9,000 in Florida. New York and New Jersey have just now closed their state borders.

Here in Victoria another 41 cases diagnosed yesterday were announced this afternoon. We really need to get this increasing spike in cases under control quickly. Heaven forbid we end up with a second wave. Personally, I think that New Zealand has had the right idea all along in eliminating the virus totally. Their go hard, go early approach has resulted in them being almost free from infection now. Here in Australia we have chosen the suppression option, and as a result we will see ‘virus spot fires’ erupt again and again. Some states in Australia are virtually free of COVID-19, but there are a few cases popping up in NSW and QLD as well as the larger outbreaks in Victoria. Some state borders are open, but others remain closed.