The Corona Crucible – Fri 26th June

World 9.7 million      Brazil  1.2 million      Peru 260K+

Qantas has announced it’s cutting 6,000 jobs. This is on top of the 15,000 staff that are currently receiving JobKeeper. Apparently that benefit is not being extended to these 6,000 staff, but the government JobKeeper payment will only last until September anyway. Making the announcement yesterday, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce, said that international travel is unlikely to return to ‘normal’ for three years. If so, that will probably mean that the 2020 Olympic Games that have been moved to 2021 may end up being cancelled. The way this virus is spreading, opening borders in the middle of next year seems highly optimistic. Neil has heard that the conference he was scheduled to attend this October has been cancelled and the one in April next year is under threat.

A colleague of his told him yesterday that United Airlines took delivery of a handful of new planes and have immediately laid them up, as it is too costly to keep them airworthy. The delivery flight may be the only flight for many brand new aircraft. Before this pandemic is over a lot of airlines will go belly up.

Although air travel has curtailed, global greenhouse gas emissions have quickly rebounded as many countries have relaxed lockdowns. In China, which emits one quarter of the world’s carbon pollution, the level has returned to pre-pandemic levels. Once we get through this pandemic, we’re going to have another huge global fight ahead of us.

Another 30 cases were recorded in Victoria overnight.