The Corona Crucible – Thurs 9th April

World 1.5 million      USA 430K+    New York 150K+  UK 60K+            Australia 6K

I have to say that it’s really refreshing to watch and listen to Australian politicians answering questions from the media honestly and frankly. Why can’t they do that all the time? Of course that’s not the case in the USA where the Plod Turd Man (anagram) has to read from idiot sheets for obvious reasons.

We are very lucky to live here in Australia. I really feel for the people enduring such suffering and stress in so many areas of our planet. We are so incredibly fortunate here. I made a donation yesterday to a charity that feeds homeless Americans. It’s said that the US is a world leader in many areas, but there is so much poverty there.

Premier Daniel Andrews announced today that schools in Victoria will reopen after Easter, but that all students who have the option to learn from home, must do so. There are differing arrangements in different states of Australia around schools.

Nursing home residents are very vulnerable to infection so from the start of this crisis the government advised people not to visit family members in residential care. Consequently, I’ve not seen my Mum for about a month. Yesterday I heard that procedures have been put in place to safeguard the residents, so we will visit her over Easter.

We heard last night that Neil’s brother and his wife have tested negative for COVID-19. Such a relief. They are both well.