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Cancer Supermoon

Happy New Year! 2018 begins as 2017 ended, with a powerful Supermoon. In fact this Full Moon is the most intense Supermoon we will have in 2018, with the Moon  making  a very close approach to the Earth. The Moon completes a grand trine with watery Neptune and Mars in Scorpio, and opposes Venus. These […]

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Taurus New Moon

Taurus is the sign of the zodiac that unites the fixed modality with the earth element. It’s known for its steadfast qualities and ability to withstand external influences. Taurus bases its judgements on core standards and fundamental principles that are immutable. At the same time, this means Taurus can be very stubborn and inflexible. This […]

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Capricorn New Moon – Jan 10 2016

Happy New Year all! 2016 promises to be an exciting year full of myriad options and opportunities. Did you made any new year resolutions? The December solstice was a pivotal time for harnessing the creative power of the cosmos,  but every New Moon is also a good time to set our intentions. So if you […]

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Leo New Moon

What a stellar line up we have at this Leo New Moon! August is a key month when the Sun is making its way through the sign it rules, Leo, and this particular August we have a host of other planets there too. Although Venus has disappeared and ended the recent Jupiter-Venus evening sky show, these happy planets […]

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June Solstice

  This is a dynamic and highly creative Solstice and one that is brimming with positive energy and enthusiasm. A key feature at this June Solstice is a beautiful stellium in Leo. This is a stunning sight in the western sky after sunset, with Jupiter, Venus and the Moon together within a few degrees. Venus and Jupiter […]

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Libra Equinox

On September 23 daylight and darkness are once again in balance everywhere on planet Earth. The sign Libra with its symbol of the scales of justice, signifies the true start of the new season. Solstice and Equinox charts allow us to glimpse what might be ahead for the coming season. This chart shows Venus, the ruling planet of […]

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