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The December Solstice

Saturn crosses an important threshold moving into its own sign Capricorn on December 20, just days before the Solstice when the Sun follows suit. Saturn’s ingress here along with Jupiter in Scorpio will help expose unethical behaviour and set new benchmarks. Saturn teaches us responsibility, ethics and wisdom through the passage of time and experience. […]

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Capricorn Full Moon

It’s been a year full of dramatic stellar events and this month is no exception. In many ways this Full Moon is a culmination of the winding road we’ve been travelling. At what destination will we arrive? Next month is eclipse season, a time of endings and beginnings, so this month is a prelude to […]

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Cancer New Moon

Mercury, Mars and Pluto are the key celestial players at this New Moon. Mercury and Mars are very tightly connected and their opposition to Pluto has an equally tight orb. A high degree of intensity is suggested at this New Moon with the Moon in its own sign and Jupiter and Venus continuing to shine brightly in […]

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First Full Moon of 2015

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s hoping the coming 12 months are peaceful, fulfilling and rewarding! On the whole, 2015 looks like being a much easier year than 2014. We still have one more hit of PLURSQ to navigate in March, but the astrology calendar for 2015 looks like providing more options and greater freedom of choice. There are […]

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