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Aquarius New Moon – Chinese New Year

This New Moon is a partial solar eclipse that will only be seen in some remote areas of South America and the Antarctic. It is significant though, in that this New Moon is the start of the Chinese Year of the Earth Dog. For the past two years the Chinese Fire element has been the […]

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Chinese New Year (Aquarius New Moon)

February is a short month. The speed of life seems to be endlessly increasing with more to do but less time in which to do it. Another New Moon has quickly rolled around. This one kick starts the Chinese Year of the Red (fire) Monkey. The Monkey is known as the trickster of the Chinese […]

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Aquarius New Moon / Chinese New Year

Happening at the very last breath of Aquarius, 29AQ59, this is the second Aquarius New Moon in a row, and it’s also another invisible Supermoon. This New Moon ushers in the Chinese Year of the Green or Wood Sheep. Also known as the Goat, the Sheep is said to be a calm and peace loving […]

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