The Corona Crucible – Fri 31st July

World 17.3 million    Peru 400K+    Chile 350K+

Two young women who travelled from Victoria back into Queensland have tested positive to coronavirus. Over eight days they visited a long list of venues and businesses in Queensland and are being investigated along with a third woman for their involvement in a crime syndicate stealing luxury items. So far  they have been charged with fraud and providing false and misleading information to authorities. They were also fined in Melbourne for arranging a party.

After being free of COVID-19 for months, several people have tested positive in Queensland and widespread contact tracing is underway. NSW is now battling to gain control of a daily case load of around 15-20 with several outbreaks over recent weeks. Victoria is in a dire state with another 627 people diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 24 hours. There were more tests processed overnight, 33,826, so the percentage of positive tests was around 1.5 percent today, which is a better number. Sadly 130 of 500 people who were meant to be isolating, were not at home when doorknocked. These people have been referred to police.

Each day over the past week there has been a growing number of deaths from COVID-19, most in aged care, 13 on Thursday and another 9 overnight.

Daniel Andrews announced today that there will be an intensive analysis of the data over the next day that will inform further decisions about what happens next to bring the numbers down.