The Corona Crucible – Thursday 2nd April

World: 900K+
USA:  210K+
Italy: 110K+
Spain: 100K+

This pandemic is like something from a horror science fiction movie. How can this be happening? Over 1,000 people died in the US from coronavirus in the past 24 hours with more than 26,000 new infections recorded. The state of New York is by far the worst affected area, which now has more than 80,000 cases.

In the midst of the worsening situation in the US, the question is how can they possibly hold their Presidential election in November? And what will happen if logistically the election can’t take place? And if it goes ahead, will this cause a second outbreak of COVID-19?

The US constitution states that elections must happen on the first Tuesday in November every four years, so it’s not an easy thing to change. And will the Mad Old PR Nut (anagram) use coronavirus as a political weapon to keep himself in power? Legally, he can’t cancel the election, nor can he stay in power past January 20 next year unless he is re-elected. The same applies to Vice President Pence.

Amid the horror of this pandemic, it’s appropriate to try to find some humour now and then. The news last night reported that a number of fines had been issued by Victoria Police to those breaking stage three restrictions. This included a man who was found at a Frankston massage parlour, who Police said was receiving, ‘non-essential services’. 

Back here at home we’ve had a good amount of rain overnight and the forecast is for more wet weather over the next few days. Good weather for keeping people at home. We are approaching flu season in the southern hemisphere, which could make matters far worse, but at the same time, the lower temperatures will help to keep people at home and stop the spread of COVID-19. Since people are in isolation anyway, it may also help to stop the spread of the flu as well. Given my history of chronic sinus infections over the past few winters and my tendency for colds to develop into laryngitis, I booked my flu shot ages ago, but it won’t happen until the end of this month.