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September Equinox

September  is the month when the Libra Equinox comes around once again, reminding us of the importance of balance and equality.  Equal hours of daylight and darkness bring the opportunity to pay more attention to matters we have been overlooking or ignoring. Fairness and justice are core Libran values. Libra and its ruling planet Venus […]

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Aries New Moon

At this New Moon, Venus is about to be reborn as the morning star. Though still retrograde, you may be able to catch a glimpse of her in the morning sky from the end of March. The process of evaluation that Venus is currently directing has probably led you to a number of internal decisions. […]

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March Equinox

    The chart for the March Equinox sees Venus and Mars in each other’s natural sign (mutual reception) and in semi-sextile aspect. This tricky arrangement could test relationships, especially because Venus is retrograde and in the process of re-evaluating the merit of her close ties. This chart suggests that we could be put into […]

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Virgo Full Moon

Here we are at another Full Moon and this one could be rather tricky. Note the number of planets around 22 degrees. Apart from the Sun and Moon at 22 Pisces and Virgo respectively, Uranus and Eris are at 22 Aries and Jupiter is at 21 degrees Libra. Vesta is stationary at 20 degrees Cancer […]

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