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Venus GE and Late Evening Phase

 7 JUNE  TO 25 JULY 2015 Venus has once again reached her maximum distance from the Sun. At this point she starts to slow in pace and begins to apply to the Sun once more. During this period Venus is moving closer to the Earth and grows much bigger in overall size, but her crescent […]

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Sagittarius Full Moon

This Sagittarius Full Moon is close to Saturn which is about to backtrack into Scorpio. At the same time Mars is about to commence a new synod and is moving pretty fast now. These planets are squaring Neptune and this is rather tricky because all this mutability wants to remain open and flexible, but at the same […]

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Scorpio Full Moon – May 4 2015

The Taurus-Scorpio polarity contains themes of death and rebirth. In the northern hemisphere leaves decay and the energy of plants retreats underground when the Sun in located in Scorpio. For us in the southern hemisphere, this happens when the Sun is in Taurus. Taurus is associated with the full flowering of spring, a time of […]

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Aquarius New Moon / Chinese New Year

Happening at the very last breath of Aquarius, 29AQ59, this is the second Aquarius New Moon in a row, and it’s also another invisible Supermoon. This New Moon ushers in the Chinese Year of the Green or Wood Sheep. Also known as the Goat, the Sheep is said to be a calm and peace loving […]

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Venus and Mars

The Venus Mars Dance 2015      In terms of our personal methods of evaluating, Mars measures success in terms of quantity; he thinks the biggest and fastest is the best. He is competitive he thinks that winning is everything. Venus however measures the value and worth of her experiences according to quality, and her […]

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