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The December Solstice

Saturn crosses an important threshold moving into its own sign Capricorn on December 20, just days before the Solstice when the Sun follows suit. Saturn’s ingress here along with Jupiter in Scorpio will help expose unethical behaviour and set new benchmarks. Saturn teaches us responsibility, ethics and wisdom through the passage of time and experience. […]

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June Solstice Report & Cancer New Moon

At this Solstice the Moon and Venus are shining beautifully together in Taurus in the pre-dawn light. This is a bountiful and peaceful combination that promotes love and harmony.  The Moon is entering its balsamic phase at this Solstice, enhancing this quiet time of reflection and preparation, with a Cancerian New Moon to follow in […]

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Sag Full Moon & June Solstice – Astrology Forecast

This Full Moon happens less that 12 hours before the Sun enters Cancer at the June Solstice. This is the 2nd Sagittarius Full Moon in a row, and because it’s happening at the intersection of Sagittarius and Capricorn, it’s further activating the square aspect between Jupiter and Saturn, their ruling planets. This see-sawing trend is […]

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December Solstice and the Christmas Day Full Moon

The Sun stands still at its most southerly declination and daylight hours reach a peak for southern hemisphere residents. Solstices set the prevailing tone for the coming three months. Now is the time for intention setting and creative visualisation. What are our personal goals? What do we want to build upon? How can we make […]

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Capricorn Solstice & New Moon

The clockwork of the universe shifts up a gear at this month’s New Moon, which interestingly occurs just a couple of hours after the Solstice!! While every New Moon brings fresh opportunities, this one is bursting with dynamic new energy and brimming with options. Our star the Sun has been very active of late too, with major […]

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