The Corona Crucible – Fri 25th December

World 79.7 million                US 19 million            Italy 2 million

A lot of people are feeling isolated from family this Christmas, but it is much the same as most Christmases this year for me. I don’t have any family besides my mother and she is not really with it any more. Because of my mother’s mental illness, over the years I have spent many a Christmas with a range of other families. When I was younger I felt sad that I didn’t have a normal family Christmas like other people.I have become used to being alone. I guess that’s why good friends and my pets mean so much to me.

I’m very grateful to be accepted into Neil’s family and we’ll spend some time with more of them in January.   

We visited my mother this morning and took her some gifts. Then we headed over to our friends place for lunch. They live close by and their family is in the UK. It was a great afternoon and so lovely to catch up.

In Sydney, authorities are concerned that Christmas and New Year celebrations may become super-spreading events. Large gatherings create the right environment for the virus the spread. There are three cases in Sydney that have spread beyond the northern beaches area. There were seven new cases recorded to 8pm last night.