The Corona Crucible – Tues 1st December

World 63.5 million    Spain 1.6 million       UK 1.6 million

One month ago a total of 46 million people across the globe had been infected with coronavirus. Over 11 million cases were active and 1.2 million people had been recorded as COVID fatalities.

Today there are over 63 million cases, 18 million of them are active and there have been more than 1.4 million deaths.

In the US alone there have been nearly 14 million cases of COVID and over five million of these are active, overloading their health system.

Three countries account for nearly half of the total number of COVID infections across the world. The USA has 13.9 million, India 9.4 million and Brazil 6.3 million. Add in Russia and France with more than two million each and that is well over half the total number of cases worldwide.

Meanwhile, in South Australia, the man who went shopping while contagious in Adelaide, was a casual contact and had not been told to enter quarantine, SA authorities now say.