The Corona Crucible – Sun 29th November

World 62.5 million    Turkey 570K+                       Belgium 570K+        

According to the data, of all the countries in the world, Belgium has the highest death toll from COVID per capita. I’m not sure why this is the case, but it suggests something is very wrong with their health system. Over 1,400 people have died from coronavirus per one million of population in Belgium. Peru has over 1,000 deaths per million. In the US it’s around 800. In Australia it’s just 35.

According to the epidemiology, we have eliminated the virus in Victoria, but it is still around. It’s not eradicated. A few days ago viral fragments were found in waste water in the Geelong area and the week before that they were detected at the Altona treatment plant. Fragments have also been found in a number of other locations over recent weeks, including Portland.

NSW is on the verge of reaching elimination too.

Two new cases were recorded yesterday in South Australia, both people were already in quarantine. There are now 33 cases linked to the Parafield cluster.