The Corona Crucible – Mon 23rd November

World 58.9 million    US 12.5 million         Canada 320K+          

Georgia, Croatia and Venezuela take the number of countries with over 100,000 cases of coronavirus to 62.

In the US, 35 of their 50 states have also reached this grim statistic.

In a recent report. Matt Bevan writes that the US is so large in terms of its population and diversity, and is mostly unchanged constitutionally in 230 years, that holding on to a sense of national identity has become ‘virtually impossible’.  It’s worth reading this report. Bevan observes that more people are living in poverty in the US than the entire population of Australia and New Zealand combined.

The contrast between how the US has dealt with the pandemic, compared to here in Australia is stark. Being an island nation has certainly helped us to manage this health crisis but having a good health system and good leadership is also essential.

Victoria has now had 24 days without a single case of COVID. After 28 days we can officially say that we have eliminated this virus.

South Australian authorities reported one new case today which is linked to the cluster. This person has been in quarantine.