The Corona Crucible – Sat 21st November

World 57.8 million    US 12 million            India 9 million

India has topped nine million cases of coronavirus, but data says that less than half a million of these are active cases, so the vast majority have recovered.

The US has now recorded over 12 million cases of coronavirus and of these four and half million are active cases. DT Junior has tested positive overnight.

His daddy, Mad Old PR Nut, is still refusing to accept his election defeat. What is also disturbing is that the US system does not seem to have a contingency plan to deal with this situation. With such a long transition time between the election result and the swearing in, Drump can continue to make a mess of things until 20 January. The lies from 45 and his cronies keep coming. They are totally out of touch with reality, which is a sure sign of mental illness.

With no sense of responsibility and no accountability at the top, it’s no wonder that social and political divisions have become so fractious. Be Joined (Joe Biden) is going to inherit a bitterly divided country. Over the past 48 hours the US has recorded around 400,000 new cases of COVID-19.

South Australia has recorded just one new case overnight.

Victoria will accept international flights again from December and hotel quarantine will not outsourced to security staff. We’ve had our 22nd day of no new cases. There is just one active case in Victoria now.