The Corona Crucible – Fri 20th November

World 57.2 million                Russia 2 million        Serbia 100K+

Russia has reached the two million mark and Serbia is the 59th country to reach 100,000 cases of coronavirus.

Victoria closed its border with SA for 48 hours from midnight last night before a permit system is introduced this weekend. Virus fragments have been found in waste water at Portland. Fragments in waste water at Benalla in Victoria’s north east have also been found. Benalla is on a popular truck route from SA, but the fragments there could also be from an earlier outbreak in the region. Truck drivers are being tested in Nhill and other locations on route.

South Australia has recorded three new cases, but will end its strict lockdown early after a close contact ‘deliberately misled’ contact tracers. All three new cases were already under quarantine.

Victoria has now had three weeks without any new cases.