The Corona Crucible – Wed 18th November

World 55.9 million    France 2 million        Bulgaria 100K+

France now has the fourth highest number of infections and has reached two million. Bulgaria is the latest country to reach 100,000 cases of coronavirus. The US is recording more than this number every day.

The outbreak in South Australia began when a cleaner picked up the virus and passed it on to their family. Late yesterday health authorities added five new cases and said that there are another 14 ‘suspected’ cases, as these people have symptoms and are in close contact of confirmed cases. These people are awaiting test results. Around 4,000 people are in quarantine. This afternoon South Australian authorities confirmed that another two infections were detected in the past 24 hours.

With an abundance of caution, the SA government has announced a Melbourne style lockdown for a period of six days from tonight.

Victoria recorded its 19th consecutive day of zero cases. I pray it stays that way.