The Corona Crucible – Tues 17th November

World 55.3 million    Argentina 1.3 million                       Colombia 1.2 million

Just one day after opening its border with South Australia, Western Australia has closed it again.

Tasmania has announced it will now quarantine all people travelling from South Australia. The Northern Territory has declared South Australia a ‘hotspot’ and travellers will have the option of returning to SA, or being quarantined. Queensland has announced that anyone from Adelaide will have to self-isolate. NSW and ACT are keeping the SA border open for now.

Victoria will screen people from Adelaide at Melbourne airport, but this virus has a long incubation period, so this measure is not full-proof. And what about people who drive, or travel by train? Given the risk of going backwards again here in Melbourne after all our hard work, it’s worrying that the health authorities are not following the lead of WA and Tasmania. Fortunately, South Australia has put a lot of people into quarantine and has only recorded one new case overnight.

Victoria has had no cases for the 18th consecutive day.