The Corona Crucible – Mon 16th November

World 54.7 million    Mexico 1 million       Lebanon 100K+

Good grief! South Australia had COVID under control without any locally acquired cases for seven months, but just days after the South Australian government announced that their border will soon be open to Victorians, four new cases were recorded in Adelaide on Saturday, with another 17 confirmed overnight. It’s believed the outbreak has come from a breach in hotel quarantine.

I hope they get this cluster under control before Neil travels there. The other possible scenario is that Victoria closes our border to South Australia. Or if he goes to Adelaide as planned, he might have to go into quarantine when he comes back!

Mexico is the 11th Country to reach one million cases. Lebanon is the 57th country to record over 100,000 cases.

Today Victoria has again has no new COVID infections. That’s 17 days in a row now.