The Corona Crucible – Sun 15th November

World 54.3 million    Texas 1 million         California 1 million

The number of cases of COVID around the world is growing at a staggering rate. Every day around 600,000 or more people are diagnosed. There are now over 54 million infections and that is just the number we know.

Every day the US is recording huge numbers of new infections. Over 180,000 on Friday and 160,000 yesterday. Two states, Texas and California have each now recorded over one million infections and Florida is not far behind. Refrigerated trucks are being used as mobile morgues in Texas. There have now been more than 250,000 fatalities in the US.

Despite this, pro-Trump supporters have gathered at the White House, protesting the election result. Lumpy is still trying to cling to power. The insanity is just as contagious as COVID.

Australia now sits 92nd on this list of countries. Victoria has had 16 days straight now without a single case. Norway and South Korea have now recorded more cases than Australia.