The Corona Crucible – Sat 14th November

World 53.7 million    US 11 million            UK 1.3 million          

The South Australian government has announced that the border with Victoria will reopen on 1 December. Neil can now make arrangements to go to Adelaide for a couple of weeks for a work project and to see his family. I’ll stay here and look after Molly and the goldfish. During that time I’ll be hosting a get together for the writing group girls. It’s my turn this year. We had considered going to a venue, but it’s hard to make bookings post lockdown. A number of restaurants have staff shortages because a lot of staff across the industry were casuals who could not get access to JobKeeper and had to be let go. Plus with limitations on the number of people allowed into cafes and restaurants, it’s hard to get a booking. In the end we opted to have lunch at my place in a few weeks.

Victoria has had our 15th day of zero cases.