The Corona Crucible – Tues 3rd November

World 47.3 million    USA 9.5 million       

The US has held their Presidential vote today. Many millions of Americans have already voted. The voter turnout has been substantially higher than in previous years. All indications are that Joe Biden (Be Joined) will win, but given the craziness in the US, anything could happen. It remains to be seen if Mad Old PR Nut accepts defeat when he loses.

The Lump is a super spreader of this virus. Everywhere he has been throughout this campaign, holding political rallies, a huge spike in cases has followed. With no masks and no social distancing at least 700 deaths have been attributed to his rallies as well as more than 30,000 infections. These people will have then gone on to spread the virus even more widely.

Per capita, North and South Dakota, Iowa, Mississippi and Alabama are the five most highly infected states. The five states with the highest number of COVID cases are Texas (900K+) California (900K+) Florida (800K+) New York (500K+) and Illinois (400K+).

By contrast the good people here in Victoria are dutifully still wearing masks, though that requirement may soon be shelved for outside use. It was very hot wearing a mask playing golf today and I had to take it off several times to breathe. There were squillions of people at the beach and Altona foreshore area with the Melbourne Cup holiday.

There were no new cases in Victoria again today.